4 Popular Summer Season House Improvement Projects

For a lot of San Diego residents, Summer is a time for getting up to date on those home improvement or maintenance projects that always seem to fall by the wayside. It’s also the time for installing new exciting home improvements like Amish sheds and outdoor pools. But not every home improvement has to be so lavish. For some folks, simple home improvements that brighten their house is just what the doctor ordered.

#1. The Siding

Summer is a fantastic time to get ahead on the siding if it’s starting to get a little dilapidated. Getting a jump on the siding will increase your home’s curb appeal, and if you’re looking to sell, poor siding will definitely be one of those things that will put buyers off. The summer is a great time to give it a once over. Inspect it for cracks, chips, or structural issues, and give it a good cleaning if need be. Spot checking and caring for the siding will increase its lifespan. If it’s starting to peel, but otherwise looks okay, now is a good time to paint it.

#2. HVAC Units

HVAC units are notoriously high maintenance, so it doesn’t hurt to schedule a checkup for them and replace filters at least once every three months. Doing so will keep your monthly energy bills down, and HVAC units that have to work extra hard to force air through the ducts also end up with more wear and tear on the unit itself, shortening the lifespan of the unit.

#3. Windows

Drafty windows or mildew buildup are more than just a minor problem. They could cost you in terms of your energy expenditure. If you’re having issues there, the summer is a great time to get on top of them. If it’s time for a replacement, it might be worth the effort to look into vinyl. Energy efficient windows reduce the risk of spiking utility expenses and are virtually maintenance free.

#4. Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but San Diego residents looking to give their kitchen a facelift can always invest in refacing the cabinets. Refacing the kitchen cabinets san diego cabinets generally only runs about 50% of the cost of replacing the cabinetry entirely, and the job is less labor intensive and requires less time for the installers. That means more time to get on top of other pressing issues, or go ahead with a full kitchen remodel without dumping too much money into the cabinets themselves. Of course, this only works when the structural integrity of the cabinetry is sound, but you’d be surprised what a difference changing the veneer, doors, and drawer faces can have on the overall look of the kitchen.

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